Sale terms and Conditions

In addition to the terms set out below, the general terms of delivery according to Machine 03 apply.

Prices and terms of delivery

Holms Attachment is only sold through dealers. Click here to see the dealer's list on our website.

Each attachment comes with CE certificate and driver instruction, which can also be downloaded via our website.

Spare parts:
Within Sweden, parts are sold directly from Holms or through dealers. Abroad, parts are sold only through dealers. On our website there are spare parts lists. By entering the attachment- and serial number you will find the current list - where you find the article number for the desired spare part.

Price is in SEK excl. VAT, shipping and packaging. Spare parts are delivered FCA Holmsvägen 54, Motala - INCOTERMS®2010.

The seller is entitled to arrange transportation unless otherwise agreed between the parties. Shipping price is charged on the invoice according to the method of transport and at each time fixed tariff.

Returns 30 days for stocked spare parts. A copy of the pack or shipping note must be attached.

Terms of payment

Invoice issued by Holms will be due within 30 days of invoice date. The invoice number must always be entered when paying. Payments received after maturity are charged at interest rates of 8% above the current reference rate. For special reasons, Holm reserves the right to request payment in advance.

Warranty 12 months

Holms guarantees that our attachments and spare parts meet the specifications in our technical catalogs, spare parts lists and driver instructions. The factory warranty applies within 12 months (36 months for the Sandspreading bucket, Holms SB) from that the attachment is delivered to the customer and covers only manufacturing defects - not shipping, downtime or other indirect costs. For the warranty to be valid, the attached machine card must be filled in and sent to Holms, warranty card can also be filled in on our website.


Complaints must be made to Holms dealers. Workshops covered by our warranty will be carried out by the dealer's workshop or by the dealer's recommended workshop. The attachment serial number must always be specified in all communications. For questions, contact Holms or your dealer.

We reserve the right to make changes without prior notice.