Troubleshoot Holms SH

Problems CauseAction
The main brushThe main brush spins too slowly.Low oil flow.Run the load machine on a lower gear, higher rpm, more oil flow.
The sweeper can not be angled/skewed or angles only slowly.Lower oil flow at the lifted machine.The sweeper/brush shall work against the ground so that it becomes back pressure.
Radio controlThe plug while driving.Loose contact.Check the trailer contact. Use any contact spray.
Does not find the receiver, no connection.The transmitter is blocked after a while, so-called safe mode.Unplug both connectors-both on the attachment and on the carrier, then try again.
The remote control stops working.Moisture problems in the electronics.Check that the electric box on the implement is full, check that there is no moisture on the inside of the box lid. Is there moisture-unscrew the lid and let dry.
If the electric box is not tight-replace box.