Holms Sweeper Attachments

Holms Angle Sweeper SH

The Holms Angle Sweeper SH is a powerful sweeper for the best results. Made to be used year around.

  1. Self Adjusting Suspension – Correct ground pressure with minimal adjustments. Follows the slopes and irregularities of the ground.
  2. Angle the sweeper hydraulically (Optional) or manually (included as standard.
  3. Extra durable, height adjustable splash guard.
  4. LED – Lightning
  5. Easy to use parking support
  6. Dual, direct-acting hydraulic motors
  7. Choose between two different brushes – Regular ring brush / Beeline (included) or our cassette system with Swish (optional)
Main parts Holms Angle Sweeper SH

Sweepers from Holms – Market leading design with world class performance


When results matter – Attachments from Holms

Holms Angle and Pick-up Sweepers comes equipped with strong and direct-acting hydraulic motors. The motors are mounted behind a thick endplate and gives the sweeper a stronger torque with more power to the ground. The Angle Sweepers can mechnically or hydraulically turn 30 degrees to splash gravel and debris to the side.

Holms SL and SH can be equipped with two different kinds of brush types. In addition to the traditional Beeline the sweepers can also be equipped with ”Swish”, brush cassettes. Swish has a longer life time and it takes less time to replace the brushes when they need to be changed.

Holms sweepers can used year round for many different needs. Our smallest Angle Sweeper, the Holms SL, can be used for sweeping snow and can be equipped with an extra large splash guard a system for spreading brine to prevent icing.


Main parts PH

Holms PH 

Holms PH is a Pick-up sweeper designed for wheel loaders and tractors. 

  1. Self Adjusting Suspension – Balanced brush roller with a unique suspension
  2. Indicator for height and tilt-settings while driving
  3. Water tank, 400l
  4. Inspection hatch.
  5. Sweeping container with sliding steel of Hardox quality.
  6. Side/gutter brush. Left, righ or both sides.  (Option)
  7. Brush rings or Cassette brush (Option)
  8. Parking supports
Main parts Duo DL

Holms Sweeper Duo DL

The modular sweeper from Holms Attachments

  1. Water tank 100 l / 26.4 US gal
  2. Pick-up bin
  3. Side brush
  4. Front wheel +2 in the back
  5. Support legs
  6. Air cylinder for lowering and raising the bin


Dan Snedecor

Dan Snedecor

President and GM Holms INC

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