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Here you can find what kind of brush is right just for you

Which brush to use and when?

We have the answer

Holms can offer multible kinds of brush types and some are more suitable for different kinds of applications than others.

Our cassette brushes, Swish, have many different advantages. Brush changes is much faster and doesn´t require that you disassemble both of the motor ends of the sweeper as you need to do when changing traditional brush rings. The traditional ring brushes, Beeline and Sunline, are a tested and proven design that always deliver. The brush rings comes in different thickness and can be mixed with steel brushes. 

Sweeps all surfaces

More effective sweeping


Cassette brush with twisted brush core

Excellent result

Perfect for snow sweeping

High efficient cassette brush with twisted brush core


When you equip your attachment with Swish, your sweeper get´s an twisted brush core. This design gives and optimal sweeping result and the sweeper always have brushes in the ground . The cassette brushes is also much easier to change. Swish also have a longer life time than brush rings. This makes Swish a more cost effective option in the long term. We also recommend Swish when sweeping snow.

Tested and proven

Get´s the job done

Beeline & Sunline

Traditional ring brushes

Different types

Different thickness and size

Use the right brush, for the right job

Beeline General purpose

Beeline is an proven and tested design and have through many years been the most popular brush type.
Works perfect for many different types of needs and surfaces. Beeline have different thickness depending on your need and can also be mixed with steel brush.

Beeline can be used all year round. 

Holms Attachments

Snow Sweeping

When you need to sweep bicycle and walk paths we highly recommend Swish.
The cassette brushes are more effective on sweeping packed material like snow and therefore more efficient.
You can also sweep snow with traditional brush rings, if that´s the case we recommend that you use the type of brush rings that is called Sunline.

 Read more about snow sweeping

Beeline & Sunline –  Brush rings

Traditional brush rings are an excellent choice for your sweeper. When equipping your sweeper with brush rings the standard brush type is called Beeline. This type of ring brush has an convuluted brush core. The alternative brush type is called Sunline and has an even and round brush core. We recommend Sunline before Beeline when it comes to sweeping railroad in the winter.
But we recommend Swish before Sunline when it comes to sweeping railroad.

Holms Attachments

Swish - Cassette brushes

When equipped with Swish the attachment has another design of the brush core. The core is twisted and instead of rings the brushes are attached by sliding in cassettes in tracks on the core. This makes it much easier when you need to change brushes.
Swish is becoming more and more popular and works excellent the whole year round for all kinds of different sweeping jobs.
We recommend Swish when you order a new attachment from Holms. Not all attachments can be equipped with Swish. Ask your Holms contact for more info.  

Sunline brushes

Round and even inner core. Recommended when sweeping railroad with brush rings.

Beeline Brush
Beeline General purpose

Convuluted inner core. The most popular ring brush.


Cassettes for an twisted brush core. Excellent results year round. 

Brush Matrix

AsphaltConcreteSnowWet snowRailroad
Beeline General purposeXXX
SunlineXXXX (winter)
Beeline Heavy DutyXX
Mixed brush (Beeline & steel)XX