Holms Sweeper Duo DL

Convertible sweeper with removable container that can be used as a pick-up sweeper or angle sweeper.
Perfect for small carriers.

Unique design

Change application after need

Pick-up or don´t

Angle Sweeper or Pick-up, you choose

Small attachment, big results

Perfect for small carriers and huge challenges

Three sizes

59 in, 73 in and 85 in.

Sidebrush, pick-up bin and water system.

When you need a Pick-up sweeper.

Holms Sweeper Duo DL


Holms Sweeper Duo DL is a new and improved version of our earlier DUO.
With a new design and improved features, the Holms Sweeper Duo DL is a perfect attachment for you that wants the characteristics of both an angle sweeper and pick-up sweeper in the same machine. Our Holms Duo Sweeper is easily modified with a pick-up bin, water system and sidebrush. According to your needs. Available in three widths: 59 in, 73 in and 85 in.

Support wheels - front and back

Our Holms Duo Sweeper comes with 3 support wheels. The support wheels makes it possible for the attachment to follow the ground despite an uneven surface. 

Holms Attachments AB
Holms Attachments AB

Float gate for maximum adaptability

Contrary to our old design of the Duo, the new and improved Holms Sweeper Duo DL is equipped with a float gate for maximum adaptability. This guarantees an optimal ground pressure when you use our sweeper.  

The floating gate designmeans that the attachment and the brush always follow the surface, regardless of which position the wearer is in. This provides minimal brush wear and compliance with slopes and irregularities. The sweeping result is improved further thanks to the brush core being supported on link arms that give the brush exactly the right ground pressure in all positions.


Pick-up bin

Our Holms Sweeper Duo DL has the ability to be used either as a regular sweeper or pick-up sweeper. Just raise the pick-up bin when you see the need for a regular sweeper. The pick-up bin can easily be detached and attached according to your own need and wishes.

Holms Attachments AB
Holms Attachments

Holms Sweeper Duo DL

The modular Sweeper from Holms Attachments

  1. Watertank 100 l / 26.4 US gal
  2. Pick-up bin
  3. Side brush
  4. Front wheel
  5. Support legs
  6. Air cylinder for lowering and raising the bin

Technical specification

Working width1,50 m1,85 m2,15 m
Total witdh1,70 m2,05 m2,35 m
Vattentank Volym100 l100 l100 l
Uppsamlingskärl volym250 l300 l350 l
Vikt, exkl fäste315 kg320 kg326 kg
Weight, fully equipped530 kg546 kg565 kg
Brush diameter0,60 m0,60 m0,60 m
Rekommenderat Oljeflöde min/max30/60 l/min30/60 l/min30/60 l/min
Working width59 in73 in85 in
Total width, incl side/gutter brush67 in81 in93 in
Water tank capacity26.4 US gal26.4 US gal26.4 US gal
Bucket capacity, gross volume0.33 yd³0.4 yd³0.45 yd³
Weight, excl. Attachment bracket694 lb705 lb719 lb
Weight, fully equipped1168 lb1204 lb1246 lb
Brush diameter0,60 m0,60 m0,60 m
Recommended Oil flow
7.9/15.9 US gal/min7.9/15.9 US gal/min7.9/15.9 US gal/min