Holms Angle Sweeper SH

Explore this powerful sweeper from Holms


Self-Adjusting Suspension

Easy to operate

Height & Tilt Indicator

Safe sweeping

Adjustable spray guard standard

Holms Angle Sweeper SH - Maximum adaptability

Self adjusting suspension

The sweeper follows the ground with minimal adjustments from the operator thanks to the brush discs being supported by our unique spring system. The sweeper can thus move freely in horizontal position with minimal adjustment. The two long springs provide a suspension path with unchanged and even ground pressure. No support wheels needed.

Self Adjusting Suspension simply means that the sweeper moves up and down and adapts to the changes in the road. It gives an optimal sweeping result with minimal brush wear.

Adapts to ground

Follows the contour by up to 20 inches

Constant optimal ground pressure

The sweeper gives the highest possible sweeping result with the least possible brush wear

High safety

Focus on road with Self Adjusting Suspension.

GM and President of Holms Attachments INC, North Carolina USA, talks about the top features of the Holms SH.

Holms Angle Sweeper SH – One sweeper, two brush cores


Select Swish or Beeline

The Holms Sweeper Heavy is equipped with traditional brush rings that are mounted by threading the brush rings around the brush core. This type of brush requires that you first mount the side end / motor of the sweeping roller.

This brush core contains specially shaped grooves that the cassettes insert into. With this system, you do not need to disassemble the side end / motor, only loosen a lock to mount. The twisted brush core means that there are always bristles in the ground.

  • Faster brush changes
  • Longer working life
  • Better result

Standard Beeline

Traditional ring brushes


Cassette brush with twisted brush core

Powerful sweeping

Strong torque

30° angling

Angle the sweeper hydraulically or manually

Safe sweeping

Adjustable spray guard standard

Holms Angle Sweeper SH - Built for the operator

Built for the operator

Best possible sweeping result

Holms Angle Sweeper SH comes equipped as standard with two strong, direct-acting hydraulic motors. The motors are mounted behind thick endplates and give the sweeper a stronger torque with more power to the ground. The entire sweeper can mechanically or hydraulically turn 30 degrees to splash gravel and debris to the side.

The brush can be equipped with several different types of brushes for different areas of use. Choose Swish, poly or wire/poly to customize your sweeper.

"Ready to use"

Ready to use from factory

Quality tested

Functions are qualitytested

Pitch control

Option to use wireless control of angling

Holms Sweeper SH - Everyday use

”Everyday Use”

Holms Sweeper Heavy is designed for "everyday use" to get the least possible disruption for you as a driver. The sweeper will be ready to use from the factory where it is quality tested in a unique test facility that exposes all parts of the implement to actual use. In the test facility, it is tested that the angling works, the brush roller rotation, the capacity of the motors and much more.

Radio control

13-pole connection for a stable power supply

All products from Holms Attachments that are equipped with wireless control comes with a 13-pole connection.
The receivers 13-pole connection follows the requirements in ISO 11446-1.
Holms recommends that the carrier is also using a 13-pole connection.
Don´t hesitate to contact Holms if you have any questions. 


Holms Attachments AB
Bracket included

Holms offers a large number of different mounts, several different machine types. Choose freely from our standard range.

915 mm brush rings

Large diameter of the bristles means a longer driving time and the opportunity to sweep larger objects or thicker layers of snow. Holms Sweeper SH is delivered with ring brush Beeline as standard but can be upgraded.

Three widths

Holms SH is available in three widths

Parking support

Holms Sweeper SH is equipped with an "easy to use" parking support that protects the brushes during non use.

Holms Angle Sweeper SH

Holms SH is well equipped from the start and comes with several smart features.
  1. Self Adjusting Suspension – Correct ground pressure with minial adjustments. Follows the slopes and irregularities of the ground
  2. Angle the sweeper hydraulically (Optional) or manually (included as standard)
  3. Extra durable, height-adjustable splash guard
  4. Led lighting
  5. Easy-to-use parking support
  6. Dual, direct-acting hydraulic motors
  7. Choose between two different brushes - Regular ring brush / BeeLine (included) or our cassette system with Swish (optional)

Technical specification

ModelSH 250SH 300SH 350
Working width250 cm300 cm350 cm
Max width270 cm320 cm370 cm
Working width, fully angled/ 30 °220 cm260 cm300 cm
Weight, standard design470 kg500 kg530 kg
Weight excl. bracket, w/ full w.tank 106 / 159 US gal 1032 / 1276 kg1062 / 1306 kg1092 / 1336 kg
Brush diameter915 mm - 3 ft915 mm - 3 ft915 mm - 3 ft
Recommended oil flow 4000 motor l/min70/190
Recommended oil flow 4000 motor l/min flow limiter70/30070/30070/300
Working width8'2"9'10" 11'6"
Working width, fully angled/ 30 °7'3"8'6"9'10"
Weight, standard design1036 lbs1102 lbs1168 lbs
Weight excl. bracket, w/ full w.tank 106 / 159 US gal
2275 lb / 2813 lb2341 lb / 2879 lb2407 / 2945 lb
Brush diameter3'0"3'0"3'0"
Recommended oil flow GPM18/5018/5018/50
Recommended oil flow GPM flow limiter18/7918/7918/79