Holms V Snow Plow PVF

Flared V-Snow Plow with high snow throw for loaders and tractors

High snow throw

Optimal snow flow


Adjustable ground pressure


Positive cutting edge

Holms V Snow Plow PVF - With high snow throw


To cope with the enormous amount of snow in the north of Scandinavia, we have designed the snow plow to have the best snow throw on the market. The positive cutting edge lifts up the snow which then follows the arch of the plow blade with minimal energy loss and is thrown out to the side of the road, over the snow banks.

The snow plow is designed to provide the best snow throw available on the market.


Ground pressure indicators

For the operator

Smooth plowing

Less vibration

Pitch control

Using the tilt function

Holms V Snow Plow PVF - Adjust ground pressure


With the help of Holms Floatarm™ you change the ground pressure during plowing by tilting. Tilt forward for increased ground pressure when it is icy and the ground is hard. Tilt backwards for low ground pressure when the ground is soft. By adjusting the pressure while driving you save cutting edge steel, reduce fuel consumption and spare the surface.

When the snow plow is equipped with Holms Floatarm™ we say that the plow has "double pendulation". With double pendulation, the snow blade moves vertically and horizontally. This reduces the risk of side throws and skidding. It also makes your driving easier and ride a little smoother.

Simply explained, Floatarm™ is about:

  • Follows the surface better
  • The ground pressure can be adapted to the ground while driving
  • Opportunity for lower fuel consumption through reduced pressure
  • Captures vibrations and shocks - More comfortable snow plowing

Adjust ground pressure with tilt function.

From the cab, you can easily adjust the ground pressure on your snow plow by using the tilt function of the plow. Tilt forward to to increase ground pressure, backward to reduce ground pressure.

15°Positive cutting edge

Better snow throw

Folding cutting edge

Edges folds back

Three widths

Large loaders or tractors

Holms V Snow Plow PVF - Benefits of the snow blade


Updated design

Holms V Snow Plow PVF fits both tractors with a 3-point hitch and loaders with loading arms. The plow has several built-in protection functions that minimize damage in the event of a collision with a man hole cover or large heavy object, such as a rock. Hydraulic shock valves and folding cutting edges. is no guarantee against damage but becomes an important protective barrier. The shock valve is connected to a pressure accumulator that don't require a return tube to tank.

Electro hydraulic selector valve

If your tractor or loader lacks two double-acting hydraulic outlets, it is possible to use an electric hydraulic selector valve to control the snow blade.

"Ready to use"

Ready to use from factory

Tested in the factory

Functions are qualitytested

Pitch control

Option to use wireless control of angling

Holms V Snow Plow PVF – Ready to use

Adapted for you

Quality-tested in factory
Our snow plow is delivered tested and ready for work, directly from the factory in Motala, Sweden. This means that it is adapted to your specific needs. When ordering, you tell us your needs and we build the snow plow accordingly.

Choose the right width
It is the carrier's wheel width that determines the minimum width of your diagonal plow. In the maximum pivoted position, the plow must cover the wheel width of the carrier. How much wider plow you should choose is determined by how passable it is where you are going to plow snow and how much weight the carrier can handle.

Combi bracket - Tractor and Loader

When ordering an Holms V Snow Plow PVF, a bracket is included. The standard bracket is welded for extra durability. Holms offers the choice of multiple bracket configurations.

The combi bracket is an option.

Support wheels or sliding discs

We offer the opportunity to add support wheels or sliding discs to our Holms V Flared PVF. Both are adjustable with cranks.For even better compliance, especially on soft, uneven surfaces, choose support wheels. By adding wheels, you save cuttings edges and get a much quieter ride.

With sliding discs the ground pressure is reduced so the snow plow slides better on uneven ground or rough roads.

* Width deviations may occur when choosing support wheels.

13-pole connection for a stable power supply

All products from Holms Attachments that are equipped with wireless control comes with a 13-pole connection.
The receivers 13-pole connection follows the requirements in ISO 11446-1.
Holms recommends that the carrier is also using a 13-pole connection.
Don´t hesitate to contact Holms if you have any questions. 


Technical specification

Working width320 cm360 cm400 cm
Working witdh, fully angled/35°270 cm320 cm370 cm
Height, center100 cm100 cm100 cm
Height, wings118 cm121 cm124 cm
Weight, single pendulation983 kg1023 kg1065 kg
Weight, double pendulation1008 kg1048 kg1090 kg
ModelPVF 320PVF 360PVF 400
Working width10'6"11'10" 13'1"
Working witdh, fully angled/35°8'10"10'6"12'2"
Height, center3'3"3'3"3'3"
Height, wings3'10"3'12"4'1"
Weight, single pendulation2168 lb2255 lb2348 lb
Weight, double pendulation2222 lb2310 lb2403 lb