Holms Angle Sweeper SL

Small, efficient and powerful sweeper with double direct-acting hydraulic motors. High torque.


Self-Adjusting Suspension

Easy to operate

Height & Tilt Indicators

Safe sweeping

Adjustable spray guard standard

Holms Angle Sweeper SL - A powerful sweeper


When results matter - Attachments from Holms

Holms Angle Sweeper SL comes equipped as standard with two strong, direct-acting hydraulic motors. The motors are mounted behind thick endplates and give the sweeper a stronger torque with more power to the ground. The entire sweeper can mechanically or hydraulically turn 30 degrees to splash gravel and debris to the side.

The brush can be equipped with several different types of brushes for different areas of use. Choose Swish, poly or wire/poly to customize your sweeper.


Adapts to ground

Follows the contour by up to 20 inches

Minimal brush wear

Constant optimal ground pressure

Plug & Play

Multiple mounting brackets available

Holms Angle Sweeper SL - Maximum adaptability

Self adjusting suspension

The sweeper follows the ground with minimal adjustments from the operator thanks to the support of our unique spring system. The sweeper can thus move freely in a horizontal position with minimal adjustment. The two long springs provide a suspension path with unchanged and even ground pressure. No support wheels are needed.

Self Adjusting Suspension simply means that the sweeper moves up and down and adapts to the changes in the road. It gives an optimal sweeping result with minimal brush wear.

Self-Adjusting Suspension

Our sweeper always comes equipped with a balancing system that adapts to the ground.

Effective sweeping

High Torque

30° angling

Angle the sweeper hydraulically or manually

Safe sweeping

Adjustable spray guard standard


Angle sweepers

30° angling




Standard Beeline

Traditional ring brushes


Cassette brush with twisted brush core

Holms Angle Sweeper SL – One sweeper, two brush options


Select Swish or Beeline

The Holms Sweeper SL is equipped as standard with traditional brush discs; Beeline that are mounted by sliding the discs around the core.

Swish – Snabbare borstbyten
Denna borstkärna innehåller speciellt formade spår som kassetterna förs in i. Med detta system behöver du inte montera av sidogavel/motor utan endast lossa på ett lås för att montera. Den vridna borstkärnan innebär att det alltid är borststrån i marken.

  • Faster brush changes
  • More individual straw lines - longer life
  • Better result


Holms Sweeper SL - Sweeper with quality

Built for the operator

We simply say that the Holms Angle Sweeper SL is the smaller sibling to our other sweepers.Our sweepers are based on reuse of technique and functions we know work well over time and in operation. Holms Sweeper Light is thus also designed for "Everyday use" and like all attachments from Holms, it is delivered "Ready to use" from the factory, with the right bracket and hydraulic couplings. The sweeper is quality tested in our test rig.

Sweep snow or gravel

The sweeper is a attachment for the whole year. It is just as easy to sweep gravel and debris as it is to sweep snow. Equip your sweeper with several different types of brushes and choose the one that suits your business.

Great freedom with angling

Turn the sweeper 30° with an simple setting. Multiple options are available. Manual, hydraulic or electric hydraulic control of the attachment.

By angling the sweeper right / left, you can choose to sweep the material to the side and out into a ditch, for example. Select hydraulic or electro-hydraulic option to steer from cab.

Effective ice control

Equip your sweeper with a water tank (400L or 600L) and an extra large splash guard. The water tank and the associated spray bar are specially adapted to spread brine immediately after sweeping.

Ideal for sweeping sidewalks and areas that require continuous ice control.

Radio control

13-pole connection for a stable power supply

All products from Holms Attachments that are equipped with wireless control comes with a 13-pole connection.
The receivers 13-pole connection follows the requirements in ISO 11446-1.
Holms recommends that the carrier is also using a 13-pole connection.
Don´t hesitate to contact Holms if you have any questions. 



Choose Swish

Holms Sweeper SL can be equipped with a unique twisted brush core we call Swish. These brush cartridges are easier to replace and have a longer life than traditional ring brushes.

Holms Angle Sweeper SL
Parking support

As standard the Holms Sweeper SL comes equipped with a flexible parking support for longer breaks.

During shorter breaks (5-10 min) in the daily work, the support legs do not need to be folded out as the brush can handle the weight.

Three widths

Holms Sweeper SL is available in four widths to suit all different types of needs.

2,0 m

2,2 m

2,5 m

2,8 m

Bracket included

When you order our Holms SL, you choose freely among our standard mounts. Choose between a 3-point tractor bracket or a large number of different loader mounts.

Holms Angle Sweeper SL

The Sweeper is designed to work in all weathers. These are some of its features.


  1. Sas, Self Adjusting Suspension
    Correct ground pressure with minial adjustments. Follows the slopes and irregularities of the ground
  2. Angle the sweeper hydraulically (Optional) or manually (included as standard)
  3. Durable splash guard
  4. Led lighting
  5. Two different brush cores. Swish (optional) or Beeline Ring brush (Standard).
    The attachment in the picture is equipped with Swish
  6. Two direct-acting hydraulic motors with high torque
  7. Parking support

Technical specification

Working width200 cm220 cm250 cm280 cm
Max width220 cm240 cm270 cm300 cm
Fullt svängd 30°170 cm190 cm220 cm240 cm
Weight, excl. bracket390 kg410 kg430 kg450 kg
Weight, excl. bracket, w/ full w.tank 106 / 159 US gal952 kg / 1196 kg972 kg / 1216 kg1002 kg / 1236 kg1022 kg / 1256 kg
Brush diameter700 mm700 mm700 mm700 mm
Recommended oil flow l/min40/13040/13040/13040/130
Working width6'7"7'3"8'2"9'2"
Working width, fully angled/ 30 °5'7"6'3"7'3"7'10"
Weight, standard design859 lb903 lb947 lb992 lb
Weight, excl. bracket, w/ full w.tank 106 2099 lb 2143 lb 2209 lb 2253 lb
Brush diameter28"28"28"28"