Holms Weed Brush WBL

Weed remover for excavators.


Different types of brushes for different needs

Galvanised splash protection bracket

Designed for long life

Brush speed control

Control the effect for the right circumstances

Holms WBE – Den perfekta ogräsborsten för din grävmaskin


Our new Holms Weed Brush is designed for weed removal and is at the moment only available for excavators. Perfect for you that wants to expand your attachment product portfolio for your excavator. 

If you invest in an Holms Weed Brush you have the ability to offer high quality weed removal of bike paths, walk paths and pavements. Holms Weed Brush is extremely well suited for clearing of weed and small debris. Talk to our sales staff if you want to know more.

Better result

Quality and performance

Sweep different environments

Save time

Holms Attachments AB

Holms Weed Brush WBL

This is the Holms Weed Brush

  1. Galvanised splash protection bracket
  2. Splash guard
  3. Choose your type of brush
  4. Brush speed control
  5. Angle adjustment
  6. Changeable brackets

Technical specification

Height80 cm
Length110 cm
Width110 cm
Brush diameter85 cm
BracketBolt on
Recommended oil flow l/min (min/max)20/60 l / min
Weight, kg, Standard150
Brush diameter, standard2'9"
InterfaceBolt on (S40, S45, S50, S60)
Recommended oil flow
5/16 US Gal/min
Weight, Standard design330 lb