Holms Pick-up Sweeper PH

Reliable and easy-to-use Pick-up Sweeper for larger wheel loaders and tractors.


Self-Adjusting Suspension

Easy to operate

Height & Tilt Indicators

Safe sweeping

Adjustable spray guard standard

Holms Pick-up Sweeper PH - Sweeper follows the ground

Self adjusting suspension

Holms Pick-up Sweeper PH is a balanced Pick-up Sweeper where the brush roller follows the curvature of the ground and the sweeping container is raised and lowered with the help of the loading arms. Because the sweeping roller is balanced and no support wheels are used, you can maintain a higher speed than, for example, a towed sweeper. The sweeper is emptied in 15 seconds.

Self Adjusting Suspension simply means that the sweeper moves up and down and adapts to the changes in the road. It gives an optimal sweeping result with minimal brush wear.

Sweeps all surfaces

Follow the ground

Connect 'n drive

No difficult settings

Constant optimal ground pressure

Minimal brush wear

Large container

550 l - 700 l / 145-185 GPM

Fast Discharge

Empty container in 15 sec

Safe sweeping

Adjustable spray guard standard

Holms Pick-up Sweeper PH - High-efficiency sweeper


Best possible sweeping result

Holms Pick-up Sweeper PH comes as standard equipped with two strong, direct-acting hydraulic motors. The motors are mounted behind thick end plates and give the sweeping roller a stronger torque with more power to the ground. The sweeping container is equipped with anti-slip protection made of Hardox steel.

The brush can be equipped with several different types of brushes for different areas of use. Choose Swish, poly or wire/poly to customize your sweeper.

Water tank and flush ramp included as standard.


Flexible sweeping

Sweep hard-to-reach places

Easy to operate

Height & Tilt Indicators

Front mounted

Easy sweeping

Holms Pick-up Sweeper PH - Flexible sweeping

Sweeping as it should be

The Holms Pick-up Sweeper PH is a pleasure to use with its large sweeping container, fast emptying and its slef adjusting suspension brush that adjusts itself.
As the sweeper is front-mounted, you as a driver can access hard-to-reach places in the residential area or property that a towed sweeper cannot access.

The sweeper is designed to be a complement to your business and a sweeper that lasts for several years.

"Ready to use"

Ready to use from factory

Tested in the factory

Functions are qualitytested

Choose bracket


Holms Pick-up Sweeper PH - General

”ready to use”

The field of application for an PH is large. Customers of ours use the attachment as sweeping real esates and facilities, road and spring cleaning in residential areas. The sweeper is quality tested and ready for use directly from the factory.

Choose bracket

The Bracket is screwable and you can choose freely from Holms standard range.

Fast coupling

Specify your sweeper with any quick coupling from Holms standard range.

Unique test station

Before the sweeper leaves the factory, all functions are quality tested.


Radio control

13-pole connection for a stable power supply

All products from Holms Attachments that are equipped with wireless control comes with a 13-pole connection.
The receivers 13-pole connection follows the requirements in ISO 11446-1.
Holms recommends that the carrier is also using a 13-pole connection.
Don´t hesitate to contact Holms if you have any questions. 


Extra large water tank

Each Holms PH comes equipped with a water tank, flush ramp and efficient water pump. The water tank holds 400 l.

Parking support

The Sweeper is equipped with parking support that is used at the end of the working day.

Three widths

Holms PH is available in three widths adapted for the larger wheel loaders and tractors.

Holms Pick-up Sweeper PH

Holms Pick-up Sweeper PH is equipped and ready to be used directly from the factory. Here are some of its features and options.

  1. Self Adjusting Suspension - Balanced brush roller with a unique suspension.
  2. Indicator for height- and tilt settings while driving.
  3. Water tank, 400l
  4. Inspection hatch
  5. Sweeping container with sliding steel of Hardox quality.
  6. Side/gutter brush, left, right or double (Optional)
  7. Brush rings or Swish (optional)
  8. Parking support

Technical specification

Working width220 cm250 cm300 cm
Total width, incl side/gutter brush240 cm270 cm320 cm
Water tank, volume400 l400 l400 l
Bucket capacity, gross volume550 l660 l700 l
Weight, excl. bracket470 kg570 kg650 kg
Weight, full w.tank, bucket, no sidebrush1395 kg1935 kg2055 kg
Brush diameter700 mm700 mm700 mm
Recommended oil flow 2000 motor l/min40/13040/130N/A
Recommended oil flow 4000 motor l/minN/A90/19090/190
Working width7'3"8'2" 9'10"
Total width, incl side/gutter brush7'10" 8'10"10'6"
Water tank, volume106 US Gallon106 US Gallon106 US Gallon
Bucket capacity, gross volume124 US Gallon150 US Gallon159 US Gallon
Weight, excl. bracket1036 lb1256 lb1433 lb
Weight, full w.tank, bucket, no sidebrush3075 lb4265 lb4530 lb
Brush diameter2'3"2'3"2'3"
Recommended oil flow 2000 motor l/min GPM11/34 gal/min11/34 gal/minN/A
Recommended oil flow 4000 motor l/min GPMN/A24/50 gal/min24/50 gal/min