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General information

I don´t have third and fourth function, can I drive/use attachments from Holms?

Of course it's fine! We have solutions for all our attachments to make them work with all types of carriers. Contact our sales representatives to know more.

What does Holms do?

Holms designs, manufactures and sells snow and sweeper attachments for construction and agriculture. We have been manufacturing these attachments for over 90 years and are today a leader in our industry.

Contact us to find out more about us.

Are all brackets/hooks on attachments from Holms interchangeable? Sweeper: Replaceable – uses screw and nut

Sweeper: Replaceable - uses screw and nut

Pick-up Sweeper: Replaceable - uses screw and nut

Snowplow: Welded brackets in hook gate – Gate must be replaced

Sand spreading bucket: Only SB24 has welded hooks. The other models are screwed and replaceable.

What kind of oil do we use in our attachments?

We use oil ISO VG32 in our attachments.

What brackets can Holms offer together with the attachments?

We can provide brackets to virtually any carrier in loaders, excavators, tractors, ski steers. We also offer brackets for trucks, unimog and some cranes.

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What is my guarantee on Holms attachments?

We offer a 1-year warranty on our attachments. At Holms SB (Spreading Buckets) we offer a 3-year rust protection guarantee on hot dip galvanizing.

Holms Spreading Bucket SB

The output sweeper does not working/rotate

Check that nothing has been wedged to the sweeper or stirrer. This may also be due to the hydraulics on the wearer not working properly.
WARNING! The machine must be switched off when checking the sweeper and stirrer.

The output sweeper rotates, but not the stirrer.

The stirrer should not rotate fully, but it has a wiggling motion.

If it is completely stationary, check the linkage behind the protective cover on the right side. See driver's manual.

My sweeper spreads the material unequally. Uneven output amount.

Adjust the output rubber so that the column is the same size all the way. Sometimes you may need to replace the rubber if it has worn too much.

Radio control

Moisture in the controller during radio control

Check that the electric box on the implement is full, check that there is no moisture on the inside of the box lid. Is there moisture-unscrew the lid and let dry.
If the electric box is not tight-replace box.

Contact us for more information and help finding the right sparepart.

The radio control does not make contact with the attachment

Unplug both connectors-both on the attachment and on the carrier, then try again.

Radio control loses contact while driving

Check the trailer contact. Use any contact spray.

Side brush

The side brush spins too slowly when I have radio control

Look at the settings. Press the transmitter button 2 to increase/decrease the speed. Button 2 is the button at the top right.

Hold the button until the following occurs.
Fast flashing = Increase speed
Slow flashing = Decrease speed

Snow plows

The plow bounces and the result is like a washing board

This is due to two different factors. Either you have a negative cutting angle on your wear steels or it is exhausted springs that hold the wear steels.

The solution can mean an adjustment so that you no longer have a negative cutting angle or the springs must be replaced.

Contact us for help finding the right springs for your snow plow.

When to use support plate ALT wheels?

It depends a bit on your needs and what you feel most comfortable with. Wheels provide a quieter gait than with support plates. In an unaddressed way, both options work just as well.

One of the plow blades on my v-snow plow folds without me doing anything.

This problem can have several different causes. Let us go through this.

  1. This might be that the v-snow plow has an exhausted overflow valve
  2. Dirt in the hydraulic system or at the connection
  3. The electric valve is too tightly tightened.
    The solution: Loosen the electric valve

Our solution is to check the hydraulics and electronics and clean them.

My v-snow plow folds under heavy loads

This may be because the overflow valve on carriers or snow plows opens too early.

Disconnect hoses from carriers. Running plow against snow pile, folding blade half is the plow's overflow valve the source of the fault. If it does not fold, the fault source is in the carrier's hydraulic system.

Angle sweepers

The sweeper can't be angled/skewed at the electric selector valve

The sweeper/brush works to angle/skew when there is a counterpressure in the hydraulic system. Fold when the brush and start the brushes. When the brush is working against the ground, it is now possible to angle/skew the implement.

The sweeper/main attachment spins too slowly

Our sweeper attachment use the oil flow from your carrier to rotate. The fact that it spins too slowly means that you have too low oil pressure.

Our most frequently asked questions

Here we have gathered together the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our attachments.

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