For the warranty to be valid the "Machine Register Form" needs to be registered. All our products comes with a "Machine Register Form" upon delivery and it´s also possible to fill it in here on our home page. It is very important that the serial number is filled correctly! Otherwise the register won´t go through.

Holms guarantees that attachments and spare parts meet the specifications of technical documentation such as catalogues, spare parts lists and driver instructions. The warranty is valid within 12 months of the attachment being delivered to the end customer and covers only product defects that are production and engineering related. The warranty does not cover damage caused by improper use, inadequate maintenance, incorrect installation or normal wear. Furthermore, the warranty does not cover the costs of freight, downtime or impact damage. For the warranty to be valid, the dealer must fill in and submit the accompanying machine card to Holms or the form on this page. 

For more details, please read Terms of sale.


Information regarding the end-user

For the warranty to be valid you need to fill in the form below.

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