Holms Angle Sweeper SP

"Heavy Duty" Sweeper - for the thoughest jobs, you need the thoughest sweeper.


Selfadjusting and adaptable 

Steel design

Extra strong design

Safe sweeping

Stronger torque & flow limiter

Heavy Duty - Sweeper

Landfill, steel industry, open pit, sawmill

Larger debris

Sweep larger stones, clay or metal debris

Flow limiter

>350 l/m - >95,5 GPM

Holms Angle Sweeper SP - Short, intensive sweeping


Powerful, heavy duty sweeper

Holms Angle Sweeper SP is not like any other sweeper on the market. The sweeper has a unique construction with a focus on moving as much material as possible without leaving anything behind. The sweeper is developed and adapted for industrial sweeping with larger wheel loaders in areas such as dumps, open pits, marble quarries, sawmills and steel mills. In other words, heavy industry.

The Sweeper is pivotable and follows the slopes of the ground with the help of a spring system that balances the roller and provides the correct ground pressure. With twin hydraulic motors, it provides a strong torque that enables sweeping that other sweeper cannot handle.

The sweeper is equipped with flow limiter that make it possible to connect and drive with carriers far above a normal size.

Follow the ground

Self-Adjusting Suspension

Optimal sweeping result

Unique suspension

Holms Angle Sweeper SP – Self adjusting sweeper

Self Adjusting Suspension

Industrial sweeper for larger wheel loaders

Holms Angle Sweeper SP is a powerful sweeper for larger wheel loaders. The sweeper is designed to follow the ground with minimal adjustment from the driver. Easy setting of the correct position is done via an indicator on implements that is clearly visible from the cab. After coupling, the attachment is ready for sweeping.

Wood chip facility

Wood chip manufacturing and handling / loading of chips cause a lot of waste that needs to be moved back or to the side. Several of Holms customers use our Sweeper Power in this application.

Landfill /Recycling station

The landfill is another area that has a great need for sweeping. Everything is mixed and with a sweeper from Holms, the property is kept clean and safe. Our Holms Sweeper Power solves this challenge year after year.

260 l Water tank

The Holms SP can be equipped with a water tank and flush ramp system to bind the dust that arises. Useful in special situations that require less dust.

Durable splash guard

Unlike other sweepers from Holms, SP is equipped with a thick sheet metal construction. At the front is a short plastic splash guard.

Three widths

Holms SP is our largest sweeper and is available in three widths.

2.5 m

3.0 m

3.5 m

Holms Angle Sweeper SP

A sweeper designed for industrial sweeping. Here are some of its features.

  1. Boltdash on bracket
  2. 260l water tank (option)
  3. Splash guard of steel
  4. Ring brushes - thick
  5. Dual hydraulic motors
  6. Self-Adjusting Suspension

Technical specification

ModelSP 250SP 300SP 350
Working width2,50 m3,00 m3,50 m
Working width, fully angled/ 30 °2,20 m2,60 m3,00 m
Total width, incl. Motor2,80 m3,30 m3,80 m
Weight, standard design600 kg680 kg760 kg
Weight, fully equipped900 kg980 kg1060 kg
Brush diameter0,915 m0,915 m0,915 m
Recommended oil flow l/min flow limiter70/30070/30070/300
ModelSP 250SP 300SP 350
Working width8'2"9'10"11'6"
Working width, fully angled/ 30 °7'3"8'6"9'10"
Weight, standard design1323 lb1499 lb1675 lb
Weight, fully equipped1984 lbs2161 lb2337 lb
Brush diameter3'0"3'0"3'0"
Recommended oil flow GPM flow limiter18/7918/7918/79