Holms Pick-up Sweeper PL

High-efficient Pick-up Sweeper with side brush and dust eliminating system, Dustbuster


Self-Adjusting Suspension

Easy to operate

”Ready to sweep”


Effective dust elimination


Unsurpassed sweeping result with brush core that adapts to the slope of the ground. Self Adjusting Suspension.

Easy to operate

Floating gate design - Connect and drive


Equip the sweeper with Dustbuster to eliminate dust formation outside the sweeper.

Holms Pick-up Sweeper PL - Performance


Powerful sweeper for compact wheel loaders and tractors

Our Pick-up Sweeper PL, is without a doubt one of our most popular sweepers for tractors and skid steer loaders. The sweeper has a high sweeping volume and with our dust reduction kit the dust is eliminated and swept up.

The sweeper is designed to be as easy to sweep as possible. Connect the machine to the floating gate and hydraulics and drive. The sweeper follows height adjustments with minimal intervention from you as a driver.

Equipped with the dust reduction kit Dustbuster, the sweeper has a noise level of low 79dB


Follows changes

Brush core follows the ground

Minimal brush wear

Designed for best sweeping results with minimal brush wear

Correct ground pressure

Unique link arms provide correct ground pressure

Holms Pick-up Sweeper PL - Maximum adaptability

Self adjusting suspension

The floating gate designmeans that the attachment and the brush always follow the surface, regardless of which position the wearer is in. This provides minimal brush wear and compliance with slopes and irregularities. The sweeping result is improved further thanks to the brush core being supported on link arms that give the brush exactly the right ground pressure in all positions.

Self Adjusting Suspension simply means that the sweeper moves up and down and adapts to the changes in the road. It gives an optimal sweeping result with minimal brush wear.

Compact design

Large waste container - large water tank

Long up time

With a large water tank and a frugal water pump, you get extra long driving time

Maximum overview

Sweeper with low profile

Eliminate dust

Highly efficient water mist

Thick rubber sides

Reduced noise level

Low noise level

With Dustbuster installed, the sound level is 79db (A) 2m from the implement

Holms Pick-up Sweeper PL - Eliminate dust with Dustbuster

 No dust

Dustbuster is an accessory to eliminate the amount of dust when sweeping. The technology is based on a system with a water mist that binds the dust behind dense rubber cloths. Cleaner air and better working environment.

Water mist binds the dust

Dustbuster has a design where dust and debris are brushed up by brushes in a container behind tight rubber sheets. During the work, both the container and the side brush are showered with a water mist to bind the dust. No dust is stirred up in the air, the only thing the machine leaves behind is a clean and moistened surface.

Use indoors

When the sweeper is equipped with our popular Dustbuster kit, it can be used indoors. For example in a warehouse or industry. The water mist means that the dust is greatly reduced and the work can continue.

Low noise level

When sweeping takes place behind dense rubber sheets, the noise level drops. The values for our Dustbuster have been measured at a low 79dB (A) 2 meters from the machine.


Listen to Dan Snedecor, President and General Manager of Holms Attachments in North America, explain why this sweeper is so popular. 

Uneven road when driving?

Is the road you sweep uneven and requires constant adjustment? Holms Pick-up Sweeper PL has a movable gate construction that allows the entire sweeper to move without adjustment from the cab.

Integrated hydraulic motor

The hydraulic motor is located inside the brush core to be protected and enable a compact design with minimal width. 

Radio control

13-pole connection for a stable power supply

All products from Holms Attachments that are equipped with wireless control comes with a 13-pole connection.
The receivers 13-pole connection follows the requirements in ISO 11446-1.
Holms recommends that the carrier is also using a 13-pole connection.
Don´t hesitate to contact Holms if you have any questions. 


Bracket included

Holms offers a large number of different mounts, several different machine types. Choose freely from our standard range.

615 mm brush rings

The sweeper is equipped with Beeline (ring brush) which has a diameter of 615 mm. The brush roller is easily replaced by loosening the link arms that hold the brush core.

Hardox wear plate

The three wheels of the sweeper prevent the underside from scratching against the ground during normal driving. For more extreme sweeping with unnormal highs and lows the sweeper is equipped with Hardox steel wear plates to prevent damage.

Inspection and flush holes

On the side of the sweeper, the container, there are separate inspection and flush holes that allow you to easily inspect or clean the attachment after work.

Holms Pick-up Sweeper PL

The Holms Pick-up Sweeper PL is a highly efficient sweeper for front-mounted compact loaders and tractors. These are some of the features of the sweeper.

  1. Floating gate - Allows the attachment to follow the ground without adjustment from the driver.
  2. Boltdash on bracket
  3. Water tank with efficient water pump.
  4. Three cast iron support wheels. One front and two at the back of the sweeper.
  5. Side/Gutter brush (optional)
  6. Dust elimination with Dustbuster. Rubber sheets, water mist and side brush cover (optional)
  7. Led lighting

Technical specification

Working width150 cm185 cm215 cm250 cm
Total width, incl side/gutter brush160 cm195 cm225 cm282 cm
Height, excl. bracket 80 cm80 cm80 cm80 cm
Water tank, volume190 l240 l240 l270 l
Bucket capacity, gross volume170 l220 l250 l290 l
Weight, full w.tank, bucket, sidebrush and wheel900 kg1050 kg1100 kg1150 kg
Weight, excl. bracket290 kg305 kg320 kg335 kg
Brush diameter600 mm600 mm600 mm600 mm
Recommended oilflow with flow limiter40/100 l/min40/100 l/min40/100 l/min40/100 l/min
Recommended oilflow without flow limiter40/60 l/min40/60 l/min40/60 l/min40/60 l/min
Working width4'11"6'1"7'1"8'2"
Total width, incl side/gutter brush5'3" 6'5"7'4"9'3"
Height, excl. bracket2'7"2'7"2'7"2'7"
Water tank, volume50 US gal63 US gal63 US gal71 US gal
Bucket capacity, gross volume45 US gal58 US gal66 US gal76 US gal
Weight, full w.tank, bucket, sidebrush and wheel1984 lb2314 lb2425 lb2535 lb
Weight, excl. bracket639 lb672 lb705 lb738 lb
Brush diameter1'12"1'12"1'12"1'12"
Recommended oilflow with flow limiter8/34 US gpm8/34 US gpm8/34 US gpm8/34 US gpm
Recommended oilflow without flow limiter8/16 US gpm8/16 US gpm8/16 US gpm8/16 US gpm