Holms Sweeper SC

Multifunctional sweeper for excavators and backhoes. Sweep snow from roofs, expose mountains or sweep away gravel.

Highly efficient


Splash guard

Adjustable & durable

Powerfull motors

Adjustable spray guard standard

Holms Sweeper SC - The sweeper that sweeps everything

The versatile sweeper

Dont put limits on what the sweeper can do. Holms Sweeper SC is specially intended for sweeping in connection with construction, but can also be used in a number of different special areas such as:

  • Snow removal of roofs, bus stops, pedestrian crossings or railways.
  • Sweep gravel, macadam, blasted stone or ditches.
  • Exposure cables or before blasting.

Safe sweeping

Two oilflows

Parking support

Extra stable, removable

915 mm - 3 ft

Extra large brush diameter

Fits all tiltrotators

Before you order your Holms Sweeper SC, it is good to know that it is suitable for all types of tiltrotarors. Of course, it is also suitable for those excavators that do not have a tiltrotator, but to use the sweeper to maximum,100%, we recommend a tiltrotator.

  • Steelwrist
  • Rototilt
  • Engcon

Efficient roof sweeping

Our customers are resourceful and find solutions to problems we have not thought of. Some customers sweep snow from roofs, others carefully sweep away the top layer of soil during an archaeological excavation and some remove paint from walls.

What will you sweep?

Upgrade brush to Swish

Unlike traditional ring brushes, Swish is easier to replace, has a longer service life and generally works better by having all the bristles in direct connection to each other.

With traditional ring brushes, the side end must be removed before the brush change can take place. With Swish, only one locking ring is removed and then the cassette brushes are threaded onto the brush core without removing the whole side.

Screwable brackets

The excavator brackets that Holms offers are all screwable and can thus be easily replaced if your excavator is replaced. (option)

915 mm brush rings

A large diameter of the brush core means a longer sweeping time and the ability to sweep larger objects or thicker layers of snow. Holms Sweeper SC is delivered with ring brush Beeline Grov as standard but can be upgraded to Swish.

Three widths

Holms Sweeper SC is available in three different sizes.

1.0 m / 3.3 ft

1.5 m / 4.9 ft

2.0 m / 6.5 ft

Adjustable splash guard

Holms Sweeper SC is delivered with splash guard as standard. The splash guard can be raised and lowered to suit all types of needs. Of course, it is possible to remove it completely if desired.

Holms Sweeper SC

Holms Sweeper SC comes as standard with parking support, BeeLine Rough (Ring brush), Splash guard.

  1. Excavator bracket (optional)
    S40, S45, S50 och S60
  2. Adjustable, removable splash guard
  3. Brush core Swish (option)
    Three widths
  4. Dual hydraulic motors
  5. Removable parking support

Technical specification

Working width100 cm150 cm200 cm
Max width120 cm170 cm220 cm
Weight, excl. bracket175 kg203 kg231 kg
Brush diameter915 mm - 3 ft915 mm - 3 ft915 mm - 3 ft
Recommended oil flow 2000 motor l/min40/13040/13040/130
Recommended oil flow 4000 motor l/min70/19070/19070/190
Working width3'3"4'11"6'7"
Total width, incl. Motor3'11"5'7"7'3"
Weight, standard design385 lb447 lb509 lb
Brush diameter3'0"3'0"3'0"
Recommended oil flow 2000 motor l/min GPM11/3411/3411/34
Recommended oil flow 4000 motor l/min GPM18/5018/5018/50