Holms Brush HB

The Holms Brush HB is the perfect brush for excavators and all machines with fork lifts.

  1. Pallet fork bracket (included)
  2. Excavator bracket (optional)
  3. High quality steel
  4. 12 rows of brushes
  5. Screwable side plates - Easy access to brushes

Holms Sweeper SC

Holms Sweeper SC is an multifunction sweeper for excavators and backhoes.
Sweep snow or gravel.

  1. Excavator bracket (optional)
    S40, S45, S50 och S60
  2. Adjustable, removable splash guard
  3. Brush core Swish (option)
  4. Dual hydraulic motors
  5. Removable parking support
Holms Attachments AB

Holms Weed Brush WBL

Holms Weed Brush for excavators is a new product from Holms Attachments.

  1. Galvanised splash protection bracket
  2. Splash guard
  3. Choose your type of brush
  4. Brush speed control
  5. Angle adjustment
  6. Changeable brackets