Pick-up sweepers

Holms Pick-up Sweeper PH

Holms Pick-up Sweeper PH is a sweeper for large wheel loaders and tractors.

  1. Self Adjusting Suspension - Balanced brush roller with a unique suspension.
  2. Indicator for height- and tilt settings while driving.
  3. Water tank, 400l
  4. Inspection hatch
  5. Sweeping container with sliding steel of Hardox quality.
  6. Side/gutter brush, left, right or double (Optional)
  7. Brush rings or Swish (optional)
  8. Parking support

Holms Pick-up Sweeper PL

The Holms Pick-up Sweeper PL is a highly efficient sweeper for front-mounted compact loaders and tractors. These are some of the features of the sweeper.

  1. Floating gate - Allows the attachment to follow the ground without adjustment from the driver.
  2. Boltdash on bracket
  3. Water tank with efficient water pump.
  4. Three cast iron support wheels. One front and two at the back of the sweeper.
  5. Side/Gutter brush (optional)
  6. Dust elimination with Dustbuster. Rubber sheets, water mist and side brush cover (optional)
  7. Led lighting