How snow sweeping works

Are the same brushes used for snow & spring sweeping?
Yes, the same brushes can be used for both snow and gravel. Both Swish and brush rings (BeeLine) can be used.


How much snow can I sweep?
Between 0-12 cm of snow works well to sweep. The result of the snow sweep depends on how the snow is packed. It works best to sweep snow as maintenance of sidewalks. To minimize icing, use our City salt that spreads brine after sweeping.


Can the sweeper be used all year round?
Of course! All sweepers can be used all year round.


Can I sweep roofs with a sweeper from Holms?
Yes! You can use our Holms Sweeper Compact connected to an excavator to sweep snow off roofs.


What is CitySalt?
CitySalt is an option you can make to your Holms Sweeper Light. Then your sweeper is equipped with an extra large splash guard and a water tank (400l or 600l) and associated flush ramp.

The system works to spread brine after the implement that prevents icing on, for example, a pavement. Watch the video below.

A Holms SL equipped with CitySalt and extra large guard protection. The system spreads a brine after the sweeper. 

Can I sweep snow with the help of a tractor?
Yes, it's going just fine! We have several customers who snow sweep with their tractor. Almost all our tools are suitable for tractors with loaders and three-point.


Is it possible to skew/turn 30° despite snow?
Yes, it's possible!


How does the sweeper cope with uneven surfaces?
Uneven surface is no problem! The sweeper has Self Adjusting Suspension which means that the sweeper moves up and down and adapts to the ground level.


Does the ability of the brush deteriorate in the cold?
No, the ability of the brush is always the same regardless of the weather.

Holms Attachments AB

Can I reduce snow splashes?
The Holms Sweeper Light can be equipped with an extra large splash guard that helps reduce snow splashes. 


Are Swish or regular brush rings best for snow sweeping?
Both work equally well when snow sweeping but if you want longer life of your brush, then you should choose swish.


When is it better to use snowsweeping than a snowplow?
Snowsweeping = When maintaining an already plowed road or pavement
Snowplowing = Open an unpailed road or when the snow masses are too large.

What does it look like when sweeping snow on asphalt or roof?