Vision and future

We provide the best possible attachments and support for the heroes that keep our roads and cities clean and safe.

Carl Gindahl CEO | Holms Attachments

Our approach

Throughout our existence, the desire to produce the market’s best and safest attachments has always been at the heart of everything we do. Our products are used in areas where there are great demands on the machine operator and on the required results. In simple terms, it is vital that our products have a long service life, and that both we and our customers can depend on them to work as intended.

Every time we design a product that is the belief and commitment that guides us towards a perfect product, every time. Our brand stands for "Safer Roads". and we mean that.

Safer roads

Our slogan "Safer Roads" stands for so much more than just safe roads. It stands for respect towards the user of our equipment and the demanding environment our products are built for. Our customers must be able to trust the product so they can do their job.

That is "Safer Roads" for us.

När vi tänker efter har vi under alla våra 95 år som vi byggt redskap åt våra våra kunder alltid arbetat med säkerhet. Vi har bara nu låtit oss själva skriva ner det.

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